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Amel Yessad

Maître de Conférence (permanente)

Research interests

My research topics are Knowledge Engineering, eLearning, serious games and Semantic Web. I am interesting in offering models, methods, and techniques for supporting knowledge management and particularly when interacting with information resources through the Web.

During my thesis, I used the semantic Web models and technologies in order to support the human learning. We proposed an ontology-based description to annotate learning ressources and a semantic relateness measure that enables the calculus the relevance of learning ressources for a particular user context. Currently , I am working on formal models and tools for developing serious games and tracking players. My post-doctoral research concerns:

-* Constructing an ontology that decribes the actions of a serious game working on the relavance measure of an action based on the Semantic Relatedness between serious game actions. this Semantic Relatedness is based on the ontology semantic relationships -* SeGAE: a Serious Game Authoring environment. We propose a level editor that enables adding and adapting levels of serious games. -* Developping a serious game framework, i.e., tools and libraries helping game developers to construct efficiently new serious games. -* Proposing a scenario-based approach to integrate pedagogical knowledge in serious games and exploring solutions how mixing fun and pedagogical aspects.

Teaching (in french)

Bases de données

  • Modèles de bases de données
  • Conception et réalisation de bases de données relationnelles : dépendances fonctionnelles, normalisation, etc.
  • Interrogation de bases de données : SQL pour Oracle
  • Bases de données XML

Génie logiciel

  • Méthodologies de développement orientées objets, modèles de cycles de vie d’un logiciel
  • Systèmes d’information avancés : Modélisation de systèmes logiciels, architecture logicielle, vérification et validation
  • Techniques de modélisation : UML, Design Patterns, architecture MVC, architecture à base de composants

Gestion de projets informatiques

  • Méthodes et techniques de plannification
  • Etudes de faisabilité et évaluation des coûts d’un projet : COCOMO, FP
  • Conduite de projets

Algorithmique et structures de données

Réseaux informatiques

Technical skills

-* Integrated Development Environment: Flash Builder, Eclipse, JBuilder -* Data Modeling: XML, RDF, RDFS, OWL -* Programming Languages: C, Java, ActionScript/flash, PROLOG, Smalltalk, VRML, Pascal, SQL pour Oracle -* Ontology Editor: Protégé, KAON, Altova, ECCO -* Middlewares : CORBA, RMI -* Modeling Standards : UML, Merise

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