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Suivi de l’apprenant

Dernier ajout : 14 octobre 2013.

Game-based learning or serious games is becoming an important trend in the e-learning research area and seems address several typical e-learning problems such as high dropout rates, due to the lack of motivation to continue studying.

In serious games, it is very hard to define and mix the learning situations with the game characteristics, and to integrate an assessment and guidance process of the learner without disturbing the game progress and maintain the intrinsic characteristics of the video game: fun, player motivation, immersion and interaction.

First, we adopted an exploratory approach. We analysed StarBank the game , tried to measure the learning aspects of the player. More about our exploratory work

Then, we adopted a more generic approach :

-* Game independant -* Knowledge driven (domain model) -* Misconception detection (misconception model)

In this approach, we consider the serious game as an asynchronous and concurrent system, and we propose an approach based on a Petri net to assess learners and detect misconceptions.

Indeed, the game design stage, a discussion between domain experts, learning experts, and game designers is engaged in order to identify the actions in the game that imply knowledge acquisition and allow achieving the learning objectives of levels. Therefore, in our approach, the Petri net models only game actions allowing the learner to acquire knowledge. We use the reachability graph of the Petri net to track the learner in order to detect, in real time, the learner’s misconceptions, improve learner assessment and provide an accurate feed back for both the learner and the instructor.More about using the Petri Nets for user tracking.

Articles de cette rubrique

  • Serious Game Expo

    14 October 2013, by Amel Yessad

    The 9th Edition of Serious Game Expo will open its doors on November 20-21, 2013 at the Lyon Congress Center – Cité Internationale. Serious Game Expo is the place to be for Serious Game developers in France and in Europe. 2012 Editions hosted more than 1000 visitors and 41 exhibitors.

  • They talk about our research

    9 January 2011, by Amel Yessad

    The blog of the european project “TARGET” has published a post titled “The Petri net to track the learner in real time: a benchmark for TARGET” about our reaserch paper “Using the Petri Nets for the Learner Assessment in Serious Games” (ICWL, 2010, LNCS).

  • Meet us at serious Game Conference expo at Lyon

    9 December 2009, by Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

    We like working with companies during researchs or to discuss our results with them. This fact is illustrated today by the presentation of one our member, PhD student Pradeepa THOMAS-BENJAMIN, at the “Serious Game Conference Expo” at Lyon. This conference gathers actors in Serious Games development and potential customers. Pradeepa will present her work in cooperation with our research partner KTM-Advance about evaluation into a Serious Game and integration into a LMS through SCORM. (...)

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