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Prog&Play in seminar AIDA

Saturday 10 October 2009, by Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

<span class="caps">JPEG</span> - 16.8 kbWe discovered the work from Matthieu Muratet about a game to learn programmation. More exactly, Matthieu developped an infrastructure allowing to link Real-Time-Strategy games with a script engine. The learner can play the game with her mouse or she can write chunks of script which will control her units in the game. Each mission targets a learning objective in programmation like mastering condition or loop structures.

Matthieu was invited to present his work in a seminar AIDA because of its quality and because members of our team would like to use Prog&Play with students of our university (University Paris VI).

Article about Prog&Play in International Journal of Computer Games Technology.

Demo video on author website.

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