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Jeux Sérieux par l’équipe de Recherche MOCAH (Laboratoire LIP6, Paris)

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Ce site rassemble les travaux sur les Jeux Sérieux (Serious Games) de l’équipe MOCAH (Modèles et Outils en ingénierie des Connaissances pour l’Apprentissage Humain).
C’est une équipe du LIP6, qui est le laboratoire de recherche en informatique de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, FRANCE).

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  • LipSync component with Flash Builder 4 (Feder Project)

    18 November 2010, by Amel Yessad

    We are actually working on a framework to help developing “serious games”. So here you ‘ll find an exemple of what we did on the dynamic lipsync problem. This could be one of the component of this framework… First of all, what is dynamic lipsync? “Lip-sync or Lip-synch (short for lip synchronization) is a technical term for matching lip movements with voice” (wikipedia). So if you say an [e] (in english), you will have to display a face smiling just like when you speak. Globally we’ll call (...)

  • Meet us at serious Game Conference expo at Lyon

    9 December 2009, by Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

    We like working with companies during researchs or to discuss our results with them. This fact is illustrated today by the presentation of one our member, PhD student Pradeepa THOMAS-BENJAMIN, at the “Serious Game Conference Expo” at Lyon. This conference gathers actors in Serious Games development and potential customers. Pradeepa will present her work in cooperation with our research partner KTM-Advance about evaluation into a Serious Game and integration into a LMS through SCORM. (...)

  • Prog&Play in seminar AIDA

    10 October 2009, by Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

    We discovered the work from Matthieu Muratet about a game to learn programmation. More exactly, Matthieu developped an infrastructure allowing to link Real-Time-Strategy games with a script engine. The learner can play the game with her mouse or she can write chunks of script which will control her units in the game. Each mission targets a learning objective in programmation like mastering condition or loop structures. Matthieu was invited to present his work in a seminar AIDA because of (...)

  • Événements à suivre...

    17 mars 2004

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