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Détails du patron de conception « Serious Game »

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Contexte : start a communication project. The customer has just expressed her wishes and constraints. The requirements include the need to provide advanced interactions to final users and/or the need to strongly motivate them.

Problème :

How to design an application with advanced interactions or aiming to particularly motivate users, without making the development too complex?

Developing an application with advanced interactions is more risky than developing a simple e-learning application with go-to-the-next-page buttons and scholastic quiz. Moreover factors of motivation can disturb the final objective of the project.

Solution :

Design an application inspired by technologies, methods and fun theories from video games.

The video game industry has generated a lot of tools and concepts in order to master and manage the creativity process of a game development. If possible, try to recruit experts from this domain. For example, in the ELECT BiLAT project a simulation for Soldiers to practice conducting bilateral engagements, students and teachers from an interactive media school participated to design and test the gameplay.

If your communication project is pedagogical, then you will need to make a Game-Based Learning Mixture.

Références :

Hill, R.W., Belanich, J., Lane, H.C., Core, M., Dixon, M., Forbell, E., Kim, J., Hart, J. : Pedagogically structured game-based training : Development of the ELECT BiLAT simulation. In : Proceedings of the 25th Army Science Conference (ASC 2006), Orlando, FL, USA (2006)


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

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