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Détails du patron de conception « Fun Rewards »

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Problème :

How to give incentives for users to progress in the game?

Solution :

Display and give rewards based on pleasure.

The feeling of fun can be caused by many sources (as listed in [Malone, 1987][Salen, 2003]) to which people are more or less sensible. For example, some people can find pleasure in competitions and others not. So propose rewards based on different sources of fun in order to motivate the progression in the game. Use the difficult activities as Serious Boss who challenge users emotionally. Offer a Graduation Ceremony when high levels have been reached. Motivate the exploration of the levels by hiding Object Collection. Provide moderated competitions with Local Competitions between users with similar skills. If some behaviours cannot be evaluated in the Serious Game, make External Competencies Validation in a Learning Management System, send the users’ data to the Serious Game and use them in the game progression.
Beyond Fun Rewards, you can sustain engagement if actions take place in a Fun Context such as a Wonderful World satisfying fanstasy needs or if you create Narrative Structures (GD) based upon characters and dramatic events.

Références :

Malone, T.W., Lepper, M. : Making learning fun : A taxonomy of intrinsic motivations for learning. Aptitude, learning, and instruction 3 (1987) 223-253

Salen, K., Zimmerman, E. : Rules of play. MITPress (October 2003)


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang, Bertrand Marne

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