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Détails du patron de conception « Game-Based Learning Mixture »

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Contexte :

... you start a Serious Game where users must learn more than just a message.

Problème :

How to mix fun and learning in an application without losing respective qualities?

If pedagogical objectives are too constraining, creativity will be greatly diminished in the game design and fun aspects will unlikely appear in the application. If pedagogical objectives are not detailed, it will be difficult to evaluate what game interactions can teach.

Solution :

Make knowledge expert and game expert work separately before mixing their propositions.

Recruit a knowledge expert to analyse the customer domain and list pedagogical objectives. Make your game expert propose game designs according to a list of high-level pedagogical objectives. Don’t give her too accurate objectives in order to let spaces for creativity. Then mix and negotiate pedagogical objectives and game designs when writing specifications for a first prototype.

If the pedagogical objectives contain high-level knowledge, you will need to design Times to Practice and Times to Reflect separating action phase and reflection ones. During action phase, Pedagogical Gameplays will allow to rely game interactions on different types of pedagogical processes. By offering New Perspectives and Advanced Indicators to players, the application will enrich their vision of the domain. As users will unlikely read long texts during action phase, you can just provide Quick Feedbacks. However you can benefit from extra-game phases to transmit information with Hollywoodian Introduction, Museum or Informative Loading Screen. To motivate users, you can imagine Fun Rewards and Fun Context. Finally users will be more engaged if the Serious Game offers progression adapted to different types of players with Smooth Learning Curve (GD) or even better Freedom of Pace.


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

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