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Détails du patron de conception « Fun Context »

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Problème :

How to make the experience pleasant?

Solution :

Design a pleasant and attractive universe.

The feeling of fun can be caused by many sources (as listed in [Malone, 1987][Salen, 2003]) to which people are more or less sensible. Design attractive spaces where your audience can find fun.

You can design a Wonderful World to stimulate users sensible to fantasy or add characters and situations of a Comical World if your audience is quite homogeneous.

Fun Contexts make users appreciate the game experience while Fun Rewards are more about giving users the desire to progress into the Serious Game.

Références :

* Malone, T.W., Lepper, M. : Making learning fun : A taxonomy of intrinsic motivations for learning. Aptitude, learning, and instruction 3 (1987) 223-253

* Salen, K., Zimmerman, E. : Rules of play. MITPress (October 2003)


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

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