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Détails du patron de conception « Smooth Learning Curve (GD) »

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Solution :

"Provide users with the possibility of smoothly progressing from novice to master."

« Most games can be played at different levels of difficulty or become more and more difficult as gameplay progress. In order for players to have as full an experience of the game design as possible, the design of these games may support players in developing game skills. When learning the skills is felt to be part of gameplay [...], the game is said to have Smooth Learning Curves and these smooth curves can minimize the risk of players getting stuck at particular points in the game. [...] »

In a Serious Game, learning curves may be about mastering the computer (for novice audience), mastering rules of the game and finally mastering the domain to be learnt.

The first steps of the user can be guided by a Tutorial. Then the user can choose the most adapted path if the Serious Game offers Freedom of Pace.

Références :

Pattern from Björk, S., Holopainen, J.. (2005) « Patterns in Game Design », Charles River Media.


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang

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