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Détails du patron de conception « Pedagogical Gameplays »

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Contexte : start the Game-Based Learning Mixture with a list of high-level pedagogical objectives. You try to define the possible game designs for action phases.

Problème :

How to use interactions to make learn?

All types of interactions are not pedagogical. All types of knowledge cannot be learnt with any interactions.

Solution :

Use modes of interaction adapted to the type of knowledge to learn.

If the project has a constrained budget or if you don’t know all the knowledge which must be inserted into the Serious Game, you can design Questions-Answers. If the pedagogical objectives contain memorizing simple and factual knowledge, you can apply Pavlovian Interactions based on repetition and time-pressure. To make abstract concepts more understandable, it could also be useful to design In Situ Interactions i.e. placing the user into detailed, narrative and emotional contexts where concepts are exemplified. If the pedagogical objectives contain a complex system to understand you can design Microworld Interactions where users will build or modify this system in order to perceive its relations and components. If the pedagogical objectives include the discovery of different points of view, you can design Social Pedagogical Interactions. If pedagogical objectives contain different types of knowledge, don’t hesitate to design Serious Varied Gameplay.


Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang, Bertrand Marne

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