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Détails du patron de conception « Reified Knowledge »

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Contexte :

The particular game that the team is designing involves a variety of competence and knowledge problems.

Problème :

How can one help users become more aware of their acquired knowledge?

Forces :

Several problems arise. How can we make the player aware of the progress he has made for each skill or activity without taking him out of the Flow ? How can we use this type of information to enhance his/her motivation and enjoyment of the game ?

Solution :

Represent items of knowledge or competencies (skills) with virtual objects to be collected.

If players have acquired the requisite skill or piece of knowledge, they will be given an object symbolizing this or that knowledge acquisition.

For instance, the users can see their acquisitions either in knowledge or skills embodied in medals, stars or other objects awarded. Every award is placed in a showcase, and thus is exhibited as a means of recapitulating what has been acquired.

Exemples :

in Americas-Army, medals can be won when special deeds are accomplished. For example, users win a « distinguished auto-rifleman » medal when they have won 50 games as riflemen in combat. Medals, however, do not further player progress in the game ; and are more a way of reifying the playing style by rendering it concrete.
In Ludiville (a KTM-Advance game for a bank), knowledge about home loans is reified by beautiful trading cards (as in a game called Magic the Gathering). Once having learnt a new piece of knowledge, players obtain the related card, which they can use later in the game to meet new challenges.

Patron rédigé par : Benjamin Huynh-Kim-Bang, Bertrand Marne

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