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logo Facette 1 : Objectifs pédagogiques

Liste des Patrons de Conception utilisables pour cette facette

logo Facette 2 : Simulation du domaine

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logo Facette 3 : Interactions avec la simulation

Liste des Patrons de Conception, non traduits, utilisables pour cette facette

  • Museum
    How to make discover knowledges not related to game objectives? Exhibit this knowledge in virtual places consistent with the game world.
  • Social Pedagogical Interactions
    How to make learn high-level knowledge including understanding different points of view? Make users play different roles and interact together.
  • Serious Boss
    How to make users go to difficult tasks? Transform the difficult task into a narrative challenge.
  • Protege Effect (K)
    How to improve motivation? Use an avatar whose the player will be the teacher.
  • Advanced Indicators
    How to help users gaining high-level view on their actions? Introduce high-level indicators which must be understood and observed by the user to complete objectives.
  • External Competencies Validation
    How to motivate users to learn some pieces of knowledge which cannot be tested into a Serious Game? Retrieve levels of competencies from a Learning Management System and make them useful for users to progress into the game.
  • Questions - Answers
    You need to provide a gameplay whereas topics to teach are not known or can evolve. Provide a system of questions and answers.
  • New Perspectives
    How to enrich the user's vision on a domain during action phases? Make the user play according to a different point of view.
  • Pedagogical Gameplays
    How to use interactions to make learn? Use modes of interaction adapted to the type of knowledge to learn.
  • Microworld Interactions
    How to design game interactions to make understand a complex system? Make build or modify the system.
  • Quick Feedbacks
    How to help users during action phases? During action phases, provide just small and immediately useful information to guide users.
  • Teachable Agent (K)
  • In Situ Interactions
    How to make perceive abstract concepts? How to make learn procedural knowledge? Put the user in situations where concepts are examplified or where users' emotions are raised.
  • Pavlovian Interactions
    How to make memorize simple but numerous elements. Provide repetitive cases where elements are basically used.
  • Debriefing
    How to make users reflect about their practice? Propose an analysis of actions during calm phases.
  • Time for Play /Time for Thought
    How to make learn high-level knowledge? Use intensive action phases to make practice and use less intensive phases to make reflect.

logo Facette 4 : Problèmes et progression

Liste des Patrons de Conception, non traduits, utilisables pour cette facette

  • Measurement achievements
  • Surprise
    Add unexpected events to overtake users.
  • Smooth Learning Curve (GD)
    "Provide users with the possibility of smoothly progressing from novice to master."
  • Fun Rewards
    How to give incentives for users to progress in the game? Display and give rewards based on pleasure.
  • Game Mastery
    How to motivate users to progress into the Serious Game? Make users feel they discover, learn and master new strategies.
  • Freedom of Pace
    How to make a progression adapted to users? Create a network of choices and let the user choose her pace.
  • Reified Knowledge
    How can one help users become more aware of their acquired knowledge? Represent items of knowledge or competencies (skills) with virtual objects to be collected.

logo Facette 5 : Décorum

Liste des Patrons de Conception, non traduits, utilisables pour cette facette

  • Object Collection
    How to push users to explore the levels? Create collection objects that users would like to collect.
  • Local Competition
    How to create a fair competition between users? Organize competitions between users with similar levels of competencies.
  • Loquacious People
    Put (unuseful) people who give information when the user discuss with them.
  • Graduation Ceremony
    How to reward important efforts from users? Provide a kind of ceremony in the game to congratulate the user after very hard tasks.
  • Fun Context
    How to make the experience pleasant? Design a pleasant and attractive universe.
  • Wonderful World
    How to design attractive environments? Place the topics into a world satisfying needs of fantasy.
  • Narrative Structures (GD)
  • Serious Varied Gameplay
    How to teach a complex knowledge with many facets? Use several style of interactions to make understand or discover a topic.
  • Informative Loading Screens
    How to transmit small chunks of information? Use loading screens to provide random chunks of information.
  • Hollywoodian Introduction
    How to transmit general informations without disturbing action phases? Use a short but inspiring video introducing context, objectives and interfaces of the Serious Game.
  • Comical World
    How to create a fun experience into the Serious Game? Create worlds or characters with sense of humour.

logo Facette 6 : Conditions d'utilisation

Liste des Patrons de Conception, non traduits, utilisables pour cette facette

  • Two Learners Side by Side
    How to make players reflect on their actions? Put two learners on one game on the same screen to make them "naturally" explicit their choices to each other.

Patrons non classés dans les facettes

When can you mix fun and learning ?

Patrons, non traduits, de cette catégorie

  • Serious Game
    How to design an application with advanced interactions or aiming to particularly motivate users, without making the development too complex? Design an application inspired by technologies, methods and fun theories from video games.
  • Game-Based Learning Mixture
    How to mix fun and learning in an application without losing respective qualities? Make knowledge expert and game expert work separately before mixing their propositions.

How to make progression suitable to users ?

Patrons, non traduits, de cette catégorie

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